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Welcome! Good public relations is about telling a story and telling it in a way that connects to people. It can be told in a number of ways: print, images, sounds, video. Good stories arouse feelings and affect attitudes.They inspire us to reach out and help others, or to fight for fairness. Well told stories also motivate us to buy

a product or a service. A newsworthy story can interest

a reporter or editor.

I started my career as  a   reporter in South Texas, 

mining for stories. After a few years I moved to Houston where I covered news for KHOU-TV. One day, a simple assignment changed my life forever. After covering a scuba show, I decided to try diving and I fell in love with the sport - underwater vistas, exotic destinations. My passion led me to the Cayman Islands and a career in tourism marketing. 

After 12 years in Cayman, my family and I moved back to the U.S. and settled in SW Florida. With my background and experience, it made sense 

to set up Isla PR. Currently

based at the HuB, a dynamic work space with a creative community in Sarasota, I have  access to a pool of talented pros: graphic artists, designers, photographers, and more, who can help me tell a story.

The Storyteller

Adela is one of the most creative and dynamic communications and marketing professionals I've ever had the privilege to work with. She is a strategic thinker that firmly believes in full-contact marketing, making sure that all forms of communication (advertising, web, pr, sponsorship) are aligned and targeting the intended demographic with optimum opportunity for a trickle-down effect. Her energy is infectious and her commitment to her clients is unwavering.

‘Southern Cross Club has had the pleasure of working with Adela for many years. She has personal experience and understanding of island life. Adela has visited the resort many times, so she knows Little Cayman and the community here well. She is very approachable, and with her vibrant personality, I have found Adela to be a pleasure to work with. With her broad understanding of the tourism market and the Cayman Islands, Adela's work is authentic and that depth of knowledge comes through in her work.

Red Sail Sports has used Adela for PR services for many years. She has intimate knowledge of island living in general, and the Cayman Islands specifically. Her releases are well researched and accurate. She has the ability to communicate the essence of the story in several formats, be they PR or sales oriented. Adela's understanding of a wide range of tourism related issues comes through in the authenticity and accuracy of her work.

Hilary McKenzie-Cahill


​Grand Cayman

"Adela is very good at what she does, and she brings incredible energy and enthusiasm to each assignment. Our PR has been extremely successful and thankfully, unlike many practitioners, Adela brings in all projects on budget and within deadline. She’s simply brilliant!"

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It takes experience to find your story: progress, change accomplishment, events,

newsmakers. It takes skill to tell it well. Will your story connect with your ​customers or fans? Will it attract new customers? Pitching a story to reporters and editors calls for the right 

perspective - is it newsworthy? 

Thanks for stopping by my website! Please let me know how I can help you.

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